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Women’s Sneakers Big Star White BESTSELLER


Low, classic, timeless laced sneakers with a rubber nose in the oldschool style. Non-slip sole, decorated with the BIG STAR logo. Unchanging and the most popular design for many years and the world-renowned model from the 70’s won the hearts of all fashion fans. Comfortable sneakers are perfect for both going to work and during a trip outside the city. The classic design combined with unprecedented comfort is an excellent recipe for practical and original shoes.


36 /23 cm
37 /24 cm
38/ 24,5 cm
39/ 25 cm
40/ 26 cm
41/ 26,5 cm

We want your feet to feel as fabulous as they’ll look in our shoes!
How check your size :
Put a blank sheet of paper on the floor.
Place your foot on the sheet of paper. If you plan on wearing socks or stockings with the kind of shoe you’re considering, wear them while you measure your foot.
With a pen or pencil, mark the tip of your longest toe and the back of your heel.
Use a ruler to measure the length between the two marks.
Refer to the Centimeters row above to find your size.
If you are between two sizes, move up to the larger size.


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36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41


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